Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mel and Bradley take the train to meet Maddie.

We went to the Mall in Minneapolis; but that was later in the trip. The pictures aren't all in the right order.
Zach took us to the train in Elko.

Brad in the sleeper car.
Melanie and Bradley on the train.
Eating in the dining car.
Sam picked us up in Osceola, Iowa.

Bradley meets Maddie.

Lunch at Five Guys.
Bradley fell asleep during our tour of St. Paul.
Len with our two newest granddaughters; Mel and Maddie.

Ben and Mel.

Maddie, Nat and Lynsey.
Ben and Mel.
Sam and Bradley at the mall.
Joseph and Bradley having lunch at Mall of America.

Nan and Rob with Maddie.

Maddie's blessing day.

Len and Dixie
Sam and Dixie.
Family picture.

Lynsey, Ben and Joseph on Sunday afternoon; just before they drove back to Denver, (by way of Mt. Rushmore).


Janie said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I would have loved to have been there!

Lynsey said...

What wonderful pictures mom!! I am so glad we got to see you guys and that you had such a fun time on the train. Love you!

James and Aimee said...

Thank you, thank you! What a great trip!!! Those two pictures of Dad with Dixie and then Sam with Dixie made me do a double take. I sure do miss all of you!

Garrett said...

Awesome. Look at all of those cute little people! I love your family!

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